Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition
Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition

Serum Of Youth - 100% natural face oil for dry / sensitive / mature skin | cold pressed oils

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An all natural serum that can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, give a smooth, even skin tone and suppleness. A potent blend of cold-pressed oils naturally high in Vitamin E, A and anti-oxidants for a nourished glowing skin. Enriched with natural vitamin E and CoQ10 which are super anti-oxidants for skin...

A Light quick absorbing, non greasy oil for face with natural herbal smell of the cold presed oils used (no added perfume)

Content : 30 ml

Suitable for: Mature, dry and especially sensitive skin type

Free from: Allergy causing Fragrance substances, PEG, Parabens, Mineral Oil, IMID urea

How to make the most of this good stuff?

Use as a daily moisturiser. Massage 5-7 drops of this precious oil on clean damp skin, in upward circular motion. Oil applied on damp skin helps the skin to soak both water and oil which is exactly what a lotion does but without chemicals and preservatives. It also acts as a protective & nourishing pre make-up base! Since there is no added fragrance it can be used as a day serum or in the night before sleep. If you have normal to oily skin then, any excess oil can be just rinsed off the face, lightly, with just water, 10 minutes after applying

Why buy our Serum of Youth - Face oil ?

Think about this...your facial skin is several times thinner, has more nerve endings and is therefore much more sensitive than your body skin. So, instead of feeding it cremes / lotions that are laden with chemicals, you should instead feed it only the most natural and nourishing oils. This is why we have created a Face Serum with only cold pressed natural oils and no added fragrance. our serum has a charaterictic herbal / woody smell due to cold pressed oils of blackseed, apricot etc. All oils used are non-comedogenic (that means they do not clog pores unlike mineral oil)