Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition
Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition

Tender Skin Baby Oil-Virgin coconut oil with vit E and avocado extract -100% natural

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Precious oil for your precious baby! It takes milk of 20 fresh coconuts to extract just 100 ml of virgin coconut oil. This form of wet extracted virgin coconut oil retains maximum anti-oxidants, moisture and anti-bacterial properties because of a unique component in it called lauric acid. Used in Ayurveda for centuries for it's therapeutic properties, makes this oil an ideal choice for your baby's sensitive skin or even mom's sensitive skin...

• Net Content: 100 ml 

• No added fragrance, No mineral oil / petroleum products, No Paraffin Oil

• Suitable for : All skin types, especially suitable for baby skin / sensitive skin

How to make the most of this oil?

Use this baby oil as a pre bath massage oil or to moisturize baby’s skin after bath. This oil has a purity of an edible grade product and you can safely apply it on baby's head, face and body or even chapped lips.

Why buy our Tender skin baby oil ? 

Well...consider this! Your Baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than yours and may absorb upto 60% of what is put on it! At Prakrta we do not believe in selling lotions or creams because that is a creation of man not nature ! to combine water and oil and make it into a creme/lotion you need many stabilisers, de-odorizers, chemicals, preservatives. So you can buy the most expensive lotions and creams but that is not the nature's way and you may still be exposing your child to chemicals This is why we promote only nature made, cold pressed oils (minus any added fragrance) for your little one's skin or even your own :-)