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Why Prakrta?

Because we make clean, honest and all natural products that are super healthy for babies, grown ups and even our planet.

  • 100% natural ingredients

    Amazing organic, natural / nature-derived ingredients. Edible for babies.

  • Safe for sensitive skin

    100% toxin-free, Hypoallergenic formulations.

  • Never tested on animals

    Only tested on friends, family and ourselves!

  • We love our Planet

    100% biodegradable.

    100% recyclable or compostable packaging.

For mom and baby.

Natural is great but edible is better!

For a new born baby's skin we trust the purity and safety of only edible grade ingredients. Obsessive? Maybe...but it's atleast one less worry for new parents out there.

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Skin nutrition.

What you put on your skin makes a difference.

This is why we don't make cosmetics or just skincare products. We make skin-nutritious products, where every ingredient is 100% active, nourishing and natural. Try now and let your skin decide ...


Hair health.

Hair health = Scalp health

Just like your skin, you scalp too needs nutrition and a whole lot of anti-oxidants. Our products are loaded with cold-pressed oils, herb extracts and botanical infusions that your hair follicles will totally freak out on :)

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  • Soumita D, Amazon Customer for Tender skin baby oil 25 Aug 2020

    "...I am using this for my baby since the last 6 months. I don't use any moisturizer or lotion to her just use this coconut oil before bath. Her skin is absolutely perfect, nourished"

  • Rupinder, Amazon customer for Tender skin baby oil, 26 Aug 2019

    "A Prerequisite for baby. my one month old baby's skin reacted to plain coconut oil. this product is very good. it's non sticky and didn't react to my baby's body. I am using it for his skin, hair and body. it's a must buy for every mom."

  • Smriti, Amazon Customer for Hair Spa Oil, 22 Jun 2018

    "I have super curly hair that is slightly damaged from heat and I used this like my regular overnight oil therapy - wet your hair and massage the oil in, leave it for around 12hours. You'll have the softest hair when you wash it off in the morning...."

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