Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition
Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition
Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition

Pure Aloe, Soothing gel - Multipurpose aloe gel for face, body or hair

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Aloe gel is the best thing that can happen to your skin!

Here's why can use it daily as a natural sun block or after sun exposure, to soothe, moisturize and tone your skin. It even helps with sun burns, acne or bites. Its makes a perfect all natural soothing aftershave face gel, an oil free moisturizer, a natural sunscreen, soothing after sun gel and a super nourishing light set hair gel!!!

  • Natural anti-oxidants of aloe help protect skin against harmful effects of chemicals, pollution and sun
  • Considered a miracle plant, helps acne as it is a natural anti-microbial, it can help improve skin elasticity, retain skin's natural moisture, sooth sun burns

Net content: 50 gms

Suitable for: All types of skin especially sensitive, acne prone oily skin or troubled skin (can even be used on sensitive baby skin)

Stabilized using cold stabilization process, do not intoduce moisture into the jar. use dry clean hands to apply. Use within 6 months of opening product

How to make the most of this gel?

perfect for people with oily, acne prone skin, or even sensitive allergic skin. This gel can be used as a toner , under your moisturiser, as a light day moisturiser, as natural sun block, as an after sun soothing gel, as a night creme (especially for oily skin), as soft set all natural hair gel, as an after shave soothing gel soothe rashes , soothe nappyrash or insect bite for babies ...

Why buy our Pure Aloe-Soothing Gel ? 

Most aloe gels have carbomers as thickener, or parabens, artificial green color, synthetic fragrance etc....our gel is totally free of all the bad stuff. It is completely free of fragrance and suitable for sensitive skin and even baby skin