Privacy Policy




This Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) aims to safeguard and manage any/all personal information as well as sensitive personal information (defined hereunder) that is shared by you (hereinafter “User”, “You”, “Your/Yours”, “Yourself”) with TISYAANA NATURALS (hereinafter “Prakrta”, “We”, “Us”, “Our/Ours”) through Our website, (hereinafter “Website”).


The information that is collected by Us is for Your use and access to Our Website and the purchase of the goods offered herein and on any other platform including mobile application(s) for android or iOS (collectively referred to as “Platform”), till the time or unless a distinct privacy policy or statement is brought in place to govern them. It may duly be noted that Our Platform is hosted on Shopify Inc (hereinafter “Shopify”). They enable Us to sell Our product(s) and provide product-related service(s) to You.


This Policy envisions the significant questions related to the information shared by You, to provide You with a holistic idea of how and why this information is being processed and controlled by Us as well as the choices available with You regarding the use, access, correction and deletion of such information. For the purposes of this Policy, information shall mean personal information and sensitive personal information, as defined under the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 notified under the Information Technology Act, 2000 (hereinafter “Applicable Laws”).  




As per Rule 2 (i) of the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011,


‘Personal Information’ means any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with a body corporate, is capable of identifying such person.


In layman’s terms, any information that directly or indirectly identifies You is referred to as Personal Information (hereinafter “Personal Information”) such as Your first and last name, residential address, email address or any other contact details.




As per Rule 3 of the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011,


‘Sensitive personal data or information of a person’ means such Personal Information which consists of information relating to the User’s password as well as financial information such as bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details (hereinafter “Sensitive Personal Information”).  






  • By using/visiting Our Platform, domain name, other related pages, content, policies, features, forms, or any product(s)/service(s) offered by Us, or utilizing such product(s)/service(s) in any manner, You are consenting to and acknowledging the acceptance of all the clauses laid out in this Policy. Your consent and acceptance extend to the collection, usage, processing, controlling, and disclosure of Personal Information for the purposes entailed hereunder. Through Your action of providing Us with Your Sensitive Personal Information, You agree to be communicated through the modes like text message, contact number, e-mail, instant messaging apps, etc., for the fulfillment of the purposes stated herein. Your consent is also taken to be accepted for the information that is easily visible on Our Website by the reason that You shared it in Your individual capacity to post reviews of the product(s), to get involved in any discussion forums on Our Website, or to post any information about Yourself on such spaces in Our Website where it is freely visible to anyone accessing Our Website.


  • In accordance with this Policy, We have all the right to store/control/manage/process/disclose the Personal Information as well as Sensitive Personal Information collected and if You share the information of a third party (other than You or Us), We will assume that You hold the authority to provide such information to Us.


  • If You do not agree to the clauses contained in this Policy, We advise You to kindly refrain from proceeding further on Our Platform, wherein access implies continuing browsing Our Website or purchasing our products.


  • If You proceed further in the manner stated above or provide Us with Your Personal/ Sensitive Personal Information through any medium, We will understand that You have understood and You agree to be bound by the terms contained in this Policy. You hereby also agree that You are aware of the usage, processing, collection, control, and disclosure, to the extent necessary to provide You with smooth and hassle-free experience on Our Platform.




  • Through different mediums and in different manners for specific requirements, the Personal/ Sensitive Personal information that will be collected by Us will fall into following two categories:


  • Information You Provide- When You register to make an account on Our Website, You will be required to provide Us with Your name, e-mail, address, and contact number to enable the shipping of the products and to provide You with the information about the status of Your placed order.
  • Information about payments- When You make any purchase on Our Website, We collect Your Sensitive Personal Information which includes Your credit or debit card details and information about billing.


  • Certain information like the uniform resource locator (“URL”) of the Website visited by You prior to coming to Our Website and the URL of the Website You will go to post visiting Our Website in addition to the type of browser used by You and Your internet protocol (“IP”), the type of hardware device/mobile/laptop, etc. may also be stored by Us, which constitutes the non-personally identifiable information. This information may be stored with the objective of analyzing trends, gathering demographic information, complying with valid laws, troubleshooting, administering the Website, and providing You with efficient services.


  • In the instance of linking any external accounts (including social media accounts, if required), information like Your username, name, surname or e-mail, and the like will be saved with Us during signing-up for the purpose of rendering Our services efficiently to You.


  • In the instance of any communications being held between You and Prakrta, the information shared will be stored with Us for the objective of resolving any issues or answering queries in a better manner and the same may include Personal/ Sensitive Personal Information for which We have Your consent.


  • We may require Your information like contact list, images, access to gallery, profile picture etc, post Your consent, to enable You to use certain features of Our Platform that may otherwise be unavailable to You.


  • We will receive a type of information called ‘cookies’, when You access the Platform and We have Your consent for receiving the same.




The objective of collecting information from You is rooted mainly in enhancing Your experience while shopping with Us. We collect and safely preserve datasets in accordance with the Applicable Laws to understand Your shopping preferences and provide Our products and product-related services in a more customized manner, to conduct marketing and performance research, to process the transactions taking place on Our Website and to send products/services ordered by You with Us.


We are concerned about the privacy and safety of the information You provide and we hence use such information strictly for providing products and product-related services to You and related concerns that are linked to the same, in addition to the objectives stated in Clause 1 of this Policy.


The primary reasons for the information collected are stated below for Your reference:


  • Product/Service Delivery: Any/all information that may be required to perform all the functions in the capacity of a seller in accordance with the terms of Our business and to effectively provide You with the services directly/indirectly related to the provision of Our products/services will necessitate the collection of information from You. These functions are inclusive of but are not limited to, delivery of the products, confirming the information for processing and confirming the placed order, informing about the status of the order, sending any update with regards to the placed order through any medium like e-mail, phone number or WhatsApp, etc, making calls from the customer service department, communicating in case of requirement of verifications, validations or changing the passwords of the account held by You for security purposes, to customize Your account and/or searches to give You meaningful suggestions and individualistic special deals, to periodically maintain Your account/’s security, to send e-mails/ notifications/text messages/newsletters/exclusive offers for marketing purposes, to send You OTPs (One Time Passwords) in select cases, to interact with the customer in case of any queries/suggestions/complaints through the applicable medium, to utilize information for internal statistical analysis of the relationship progress and performance between You and Prakrta, for internal record keeping, for understanding Your interaction to help You avail the referral and promotional services provided to You, to record the statistics of website visitors and to prepare internal reports for the same.


  • Legal requirements: We may require Your information for the legal commitments that may arise at any point in time and require performance on Our part, for instance, the performance of a contract, legal disclosures to the appropriate governmental authorities, legal compliances, etc.




We are extremely vigilant about the security and privacy concerns related to the information provided to Us by You and the disclosures made will be for the following necessary purposes and without discounting the safety of such information:


  • Our affiliates: Any information may be shared by Our affiliates, partners, representatives, or assigns for the sake of the performance of any function and such information shall be disclosed only to the required extent. Such information shall be carried and used with utmost security on Our part.


  • Third parties: We have third parties working on Our behalf for the performance of various intrinsic functions of the business, like delivery of products/services to Your doorstep, providing You with any information with regards to the same, contacting You for the delivery and the like, which will require Us to share the requisite information with them, However, please know that any information shared for such purpose will be kept safe and undisclosed unless there is a need for successfully performing the function or for any legal requirements. In addition, third parties like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. may share Your information within its application users/Your contacts/friends, etc. post consent received from You.


  • Legal processes: We, as a business, have many legal requirements to fulfill under the laws of India. We may be required to make disclosures for which we reserve the right to disclose certain information, to the extent of the necessity.


  • Business requirements: We may disclose/transfer/share the information, collected by Us in the instances of the sale of Our business or a merger/acquisition with another business entity or any other such transaction.





  • Personal Information: In case of the Personal Information shared by You, We will retain such information till the utility of the same is exhausted in consonance with the objectives stated in this Policy or till the purpose is fulfilled for which it was collected or till the legal and regulatory requirements are fulfilled as per the Applicable Laws. After the purpose is fulfilled, the information may be safely deleted or stored away in an appropriate manner and place.


  • Sensitive Personal Information: It is to be noted that Shopify stores Your credit card information and the same is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The information collected by Us will be retained by Us for a reasonable period of time or till it is required for the purposes it was collected for and will be deleted after the requirements are met.


You may refer to Shopify’s privacy policy for more insights:




We always provide You with the option of reviewing/amending/replacing the information You have provided Us with, be it Personal or Sensitive Personal Information by contacting Us at / or writing to the following address: 59, AWHO, Sector A, Gunrock, Hyderabad-500009


In case You are interacting with Our Website for the first time, You may come across dialogue boxes and information asking for Your permission/consent/acceptance. You are free to decline and not permit/consent to/accept the above. Kindly understand that such a decline would disable Us from providing Our product-related services to You at full length. In case You wish to later withdraw Your consent, kindly contact Us at the above-mentioned e-mail address.




We are a law-abiding and legally compliant entity and hence do not provide this Platform for usage to anyone under the age of eighteen (18) (age of majority) and without the supervision of a major, as Section 11 of the Indian Contract Act, 1952, stipulates that only a person who is of the age of majority is competent to contract. We do not share or possess any liability in this regard and if any information has been shared with Us of this nature, it shall be deemed to be provided to Us with free permission and under the supervision of a major.




  • We may use ‘cookies’ on Our Platform which are data files that a website transfers to Your device’s hard drive. They track and store various information related to the usage of the Website by You such as registration data, the number of times You access the Website or view a page or browse a particular product/service, the amount of time spent on the Website, and the like.


  • Most browsers are designed to accept cookies but You always have the option to disable them from the browser settings of Your device or enable them at Your sole discretion.




  • This Policy was last amended/modified on 18th day of January 2023. It is Your duty to keep yourself updated with regard to the revisions/amendments/changes made to this Policy.


  • If You do not agree to any of the terms of this Policy or face any other issues in this regard, You are free to contact Us at / to delete/deactivate/remove Your account or have Your issues resolved. The applicability of this Policy is upon all the information that is present on the Website regarding You and Your account.




This Policy, as it stands before You at this point in time, is responsible only for governing the relationship between You and Prakrta, and all other websites/platforms/domains that are accessible through this Website are not governed under the same. Such websites are visible to You for the reason that they are being advertised and they have a distinct privacy policy to govern their websites, in case You are redirected to their website. We advise You to go through their governing policies with regard to the consent, disclosure, and usage of Your information. We will not be responsible or liable for any procedures that entail between such third parties and You.




We are very concerned about the information shared by You with Us and therefore, We take reasonable measures to safeguard and secure it by using best practices in the market. We ensure that the information collected from You is safely stored and used for the purposes it has been collected for under the supervision of Our staff and access to the same is selectively given only to the personnel authorized to perform any function that requires the utility of such information.


We advise You to secure the information provided to Us by ensuring that You do not share passwords of Your account with any third party to prevent the possibility of any malpractices that may result in the loss/damage/harm caused to You or Your reputation as a result of the same. Such unauthorized access facilitated by Your actions will not be Our responsibility and We are absolved of any liability arising out of the same.





In accordance with Rule 5 (9) of the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011, We have appointed a Grievance Officer who can be contacted in case of any queries/confusions in relation to this Policy as well as the terms dictating the usage/control/processing and disclosures of the Personal Information as well as Sensitive Personal Information in conformity with the Applicable Laws.


Details of the Grievance Officer:


Name: Anupam Singh


Address: 59, AWHO, Sector A, Gunrock, Hyderabad-500009

Contact Number: +91 86000 02617 / +91 99717 04441

Days and Time of availability: Monday to Friday 9:30 am till 6:00 pm



By continuing and using Our Website post perusal of this Policy, You hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi in case of any dispute arising out of the interpretation/terms of this Policy.