About Us


At Prakrta we believe Nature is the most beautiful creation of god, so why do we look towards a chemistry lab for our beauty essentials? Quite simply, the goodness of nature in its purest form is what Prakrta offers in every product.

We use traditional time-tested ayurvedic recipes using only cold-pressed oils, herb and flower extracts that are in fact the nutrition you skin craves for. We are sure that with regular usage, you will see you skin is healthier and happier. And, you know what...when it's happy, it will glow!

Prakrta products are not cosmetics. They are 100% natural, unprocessed, chemical free stuff that is healthy for your skin. Basically everything you ever wanted but did not get, as easily in a bottle before!!!


IN 2010 the beginnings of Prakrta was from home. Like many young mothers, Rupam (Prakrta Co founder) was a harried mother because her 6 month old daughter was diagnosed with eczema (atopic dermatitis). Many months and many trips to doctors and pharmacies took it's toll, till one fine dermatologist suggested her to use ancient time-tested “grandma’s recipes” and only natural products on the baby.  …extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil for massage, pure neem leaf bath for the baby etc. Commercial soaps and lotions or mineral oil was a strict no. That started months of research and many more months and now years of product development and trials. Reverting to 100% natural products for the child not only alleviated her condition, it became the way of life for the entire family

We are two sisters Rupam Singh and Anupam Singh who practice the 100% natural way. We conceptualized and finally started the ‘Prakrta’ brand in 2014


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Office: P 81/2, Forest County, Kharadi, Pune-411014

Registered Address: 59, AWHO, Sector A, Gunrock, Secunderabad-9, Telangana, India

email: care@prakrta.in / info.prakrta@gmail.com 

Ph# +91 86000 02617 / +91 997170 4441