Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition
Prakrta - 100% natural skin nutrition

VITA'MUM' E - Toning oil with Vitamin E & natural coffee extract for moms & to-be-moms!

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Natural Vitamin E blended in cold pressed virgin coconut, rosehip, tamanu, hempseed oil plus natural coffee extract!

  • These magical oils from nature have proven benefits in reducing scar tissue, improving skin elasticity and collagen production in the skin.
  • The anti-oxidants in coffee help tone and firm the skin and reduce cellulite
  • Our Vita'MUM' E toning oil can be applied during and post pregnancy
  • Specially formulated without essential oils, artificial fragrance or any chemicals for expecting and feeding mothers

What's more...moms-to-be can now get their coffee fix! Daily! Guilt-free!

BTW...this oil is good for anyone looking for toning oil for their skin. 

How to make the most of this oil?

Apply directly onto slightly wet to damp skin after bath especially on belly, hips, thighs or any part that has cellulite, stretch marks or even scars. Apply regularly at least twice a day