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Rose Ék Miracle - Daily toning mist for face | Steam distilled rose water + Aloe vera + natural AHAs

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One spray and we know your skin will love it! Pamper your facial skin with a daily dose of rose -a miracle plant for skin and the proof is in history.

- Rose has been the beauty secret of the Queens…Loved for it’s anti-ageing and astringent properties, rose water (hydrosol) has been used for centuries…for just about any skin trouble!

- Aloe extract is a must have for all it’s magical skin regenerative and soothing properties

- Berberis Aquifolium and calendula extract to help prevent acne and pimples

- Natural AHAs from raw apple cider vinegar tone the skin and restore the ph balance

How to make the most of this toner ? 

Apply a Prakrta face oil right after you tone (before the toner dries). Let both, the oil and toner get absorbed deep into the skin. When mixed with the toner, the oil will not leave any oily residue and the toner will seep deep into the skin layers instead of just drying off!