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Shea Magic - Smoothing Body Oil w/ basil & orange oil | shea butter in oil | non greasy dry feel oil

Shea Magic - Smoothing Body Oil w/ basil & orange oil | shea butter in oil | non greasy dry feel oil

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Super moisturizing shea butter for a soft supple skin - Shea butter is one of the most healing butters due to abundance of Vitamin A and E in it. This oil blend is the most natural effective way to keep skin healthy & supple (Without chemicals and preservatives ). A quick dry formula that will not leave a greasy layer but provide a velvety smoothness to your skin.

  • A quick absorbing body oil with shea butter, with cold pressed olive, coconut & evening primrose oil and Vitamin E
  • Intense moisturization, soothes itchy skin, anti-oxidant rich, naturally rich in Vit A, E and GLA

Substitute your chemical laden lotions with this and see the difference...

Net Content : 100 ml

We use only cold pressed oils that retain maximum nutrition & anti-oxidant properties

Free from: mineral oil, paraffin, petroleum products, parabens or any synthetic fragrance

How to make the most of this oil?

Shake well before use. Apply required amount post shower, on a clean and slightly damp skin. Massage well onto arms, legs and the entire body especially on elbows, knees and other rough patches. This non greasy formula gets absorbed into the skin a lot faster than other oils. Beeswax in the oil helps seal in the moisture an gives a velvety finish.

The oil contains therapeutic grade essential oil and we therefore recommend a skin patch test 24 hours prior to application

Why buy our Shea Magic - Smoothing Body Oil ? 

Think about this...Most cosmetic lotions contain at least 10 – 15 harmful chemicals that you should totally avoid ( PARABENS, PEG, IMID UREA, ARTIFICIAL, FRAGRANCE,PEROXIDES…) Over the years your skin keeps becoming dryer, ages faster because the free radicals of the chemicals, harm your skin slowly but eventually. So the question really is why should you not use this all natural quick absorbing body oil ?  

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