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VITA'MUM' E - Belly rub butter with vitamin E for moms and to-be-moms :-) | 85 g

VITA'MUM' E - Belly rub butter with vitamin E for moms and to-be-moms :-) | 85 g

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Raw Cocoa butter, Raw organic Shea butter, virgin coconut oil along with Natural Vitamin E have proven benefits in preventing and lightening stretch marks as they promote collagen products and improve skin elasticity. 

  • Raw unrefined cocoa and shea butter for maximum benefit
  • Natural vitamin E (mixed tocopherol not tocopheryl) mixed tocopherols are better absorbed and metabolised better by skin
  • Extra virgin coconut oil is a wonder oil and the only oil that contains medium chain triglycerides, lauric acid and capric acid - excellent for skin health

100% edible grade ingredients - Made safe for use during and post pregnancy. It can be used by moms while nursing too.

Prakrta is India's first brand to introduce edible-grade mom and baby skin care products

Net Content: 85 gms

How to make the most of this butter ?

Apply on slighly wet skin of the belly, hips and thighs and massage well till absorbed. Start applying from the 5th month of your pregnancy  

TIP: To soothe belly itchiness, you can apply some Prakrta pure aloe soothing gel prior to applying this butter, aloe gel and butter together are a great combination to combat stretch marks

Why buy this butter ?

Consider this ....during pregnancy, you're skin stretches to accomodate a uterus that grows upto 500 times it's normal size!!! Your skin needs extraordinary nourishment and hydration! That is why we created this cracker of a belly butter! 

Free From: Parabens, Silicones, Phthalates, Mineral oil, Petroleum jelly

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